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French braid

I love to braid my daughters hair. She has a full head of thick, beautiful, brown hair. She on the other hand, hates for me to do her hair. 😦 “Ponytail, please” is every mornings usual request. If she forgets ill try to start a braid before she notices and its too late to stop because “I’ve already started”.

A quick and easy braid I always go for is the classic French braid. It keeps all her hair out of her face and, for the most part, stays in place throughout the day. And it’s quick! Like 3 minutes quick! And when she’s rushin out the door 6 minutes before school starts, (we live 3 minutes away) it’s perfect.

The only problem I come across every time is the same bump that I create on the top of her head. Something about the hair placement really bugs me and I will literally do it over 3 times until I just send her on her way Because really? Who’s gonna notice?

But I notice!! Which is why I was ecstatic (too much?) when I found this pin here at Beauty Tutorials on Pinterest. It features Lauren Conrad who I love. I especially love her blog The Beauty Department.

Anyway it starts the classic French braid with a tiny ponytail with the middle center hair.

20121113-195017.jpg I did it here on my daughters head. You can see the layers upon layers of hair she has. It took me a minute to figure out how thick to make it.

Then I braided it like I would any other. This really helped with the bump that used to bug me so much which was a huge plus!

20121113-195218.jpg here’s the finished product. It looks really crooked to me! Lol and I realized the ponytail up top was way to thick! I definetly like this method, it’s just gonna take some trial and error to get it down juuust how I like it! Another amazing pin!