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Mexican pizza…it’s what’s for dinner.

Pinterest recipes never seem to fail me. Every once in a while I get stuck in a dinner rut and get tired of making the same things over and over. Enter: Pinterest. One of my favorite recipes I discovered through Pinterest is the skinny version of Taco Bells Mexican Pizza.

I came across this recipe here at Menu Musing and let me tell you, this is amazing! Doesn’t taste “skinny” at all, has tons of flavor and is very filling. So filling in fact, my hubby cant even finish a whole one!

First thing I did to start making these was to broil my flour tortillas and set them aside.

Next I added chicken stock to a can of no fat refried beans to thin them out and make them more spreadable.

Then I added all the seasonings along with a Taco Bell seasoning packet and cooked the ground turkey.

While it was cooking I prepped the rest of my ingredients to get ready for assembly!

20121113-135934.jpg Once everything was done, I assembled them. On one tortilla, I covered the bottom with the ground turkey and red salsa. On another tortilla, I spread the refried beans and then sandwiched the two tortillas together. Then, I put green salsa on the top covered with cheese, tomato, green onion and olives. Baked them for 10 minutes and they were ready!!!

20121113-140014.jpg Looks delish right?! Oh , believe me it was! Although I didn’t follow the recipe exactly I used what I had on hand, as I usually do, and it still came out great! Enjoy!