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Black matte manicure…with new polish!!

Last week during my weekly trip to Target I stumbled upon (more like hunted every aisle until I found it ) a matte top coat polish! I love getting a new polish every time I make a trip to Target, for less than $2, why not?! A friend of mine had this one and told me she bought it at Target, but I kept forgetting to look every time I went. Finally, I remembered! I was super stoked to get home and try this!

I knew just the look I wanted to try. A beautiful black matte polish manicure, with shiny black tips I came across on Pinterest. The only problem I had was there was no link to the original photo. So, all I had was the picture to go off. Didn’t seem too hard.

Here is the matte top coat. At $1.77, this was a steal! Especially because I can put it on top of ANY color to make it matte, so pretty much I’ve just doubled my polish collection!!

For this weeks nails I used Sinful Colors in black and my regular top coat by O.P.I as a base. I put the clear coat first to prevent the black from staining my nails. Then I put one coat of black. I wanted to do 2 but was worried about putting too many coats and it not drying properly. Then I tried to decide how I wanted to apply the matte and shiny tips. I had 2 options; 1. Place the matte top coat sideways and leave the tip alone which would keep it shiny without applying any more coats of anything or 2. Cover the whole nail with the matte top coat then once it dries add the clear coat to the tips to create the shiny French manicure look.

After careful consideration (and pure laziness) I chose the first option. I just figured the least amount of coats, the better. There is nothing worse than applying too many coats of polish and sitting around for the never ending drying process.

20121119-143354.jpg I think they came out ok. I realize that I definitely need to brush up on my photo skills, but either way you get the picture. Next time I attempt something like this, I will chose option 2. Putting the matte coat on sideways was my first mistake. I don’t even know what I was thinking trying to paint my nails sideways! Then, the line wasn’t straight and I couldn’t really put any more coats of anything on the tips, at the risk of ruining the matte. My nails started to chip pretty quickly and I think it’s because the black tips only had one coat of color and no top coat. Lesson learned. I got quite a few compliments on the matte coat, and I can’t wait to try it a different way next week!