Gak attack!

Who remembers gak? The slimey gooey stuff which really doesn’t have a purpose yet, is still SO much fun! I always bought the teeny tiny containers that would sell for a quarter and would pretend it was boogers with my little brother(TMI? Lol). I absolutely loved ( and still do love) gak! So, imagine my excitement when I came across a homemade gak recipe on Pinterest AND had all the stuff on hand to make it.

I found the recipe over here at Crunchy Betty.

20121107-150628.jpg the ingredients in gak are super simple! borax, glue, and water (food color optional) That’s it!

20121107-150923.jpg First, dissolve the 1tsp of borax in 1 cup water. Then, in a separate bowl combine the whole 4oz bottle of glue, 1/2 cup water and food coloring.

20121107-151019.jpg once those are both finished mixing add them together. You will see the immediate polymerization. I mix it with a fork but it stays pretty separated so I get down and dirty with my hand til it looks like this


The kids had a blast with this stuff, and I’m not going to lie, so did I! They didn’t use anything but their hands to play with this stuff! Watching it “grow” and holding it high as it slithers down their hand was cool enough for them. This kept them occupied for an eternity (or about half an hour). They have been asking to play with it ever since!



The joy of gak!


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