Smoothie cups

This weekend I spent a little time prepping healthy foods for the week! Before Pinterest I didn’t know half of the healthy tips and recipes I know now! One of my favorites is spinach smoothies as seen here at Iowa Girl Eats. Let me tell you, these things are amazing! You can add as much or as little spinach as you want and it gives you tons of nutrients. And the best part? You can’t even taste the spinach! These actually became a meal replacement for me because it contains everything I need from a meal all in a convenient cup! You can add pretty much anything you like as you would in a smoothie and just top it off with spinach.
Now, with 2 kids of my own and the 3 to 4 daycare children I have in my care on a daily basis, I can be a little pressed for time. The best thing I can do to stay on top of healthy eating during the week is to prep on the weekend. While scrolling Pinterest I came across these baby’s over here at Muffin Tin Mama. Green smoothie cups to the rescue! These are (like everything else I see on Pinterest) amazing! I love the fact that these are premade and a smoothie can be whipped up in a matter of a couple of minutes! I also love that I don’t have to keep 4 bunches of spinach in my fridge waiting to be used throughout the week. Not only does it take up tons of space but spinach seems to go bad very quickly for me so I LOVE these! Like most things, I take the general idea i find on Pinterest and make them to my liking and with what I have on hand. This is what I had on hand.

1 1/2 cups of vanilla yogurt
1 cup of almond milk
3 medium bananas
3 tablespoons of peanut butter
2 tablespoons of cinnamon
4 cups of spinach

I blend everything together then slowly add in the spinach. You can more or less or any ingredient or even do an all berry one. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. Once I finished, I distributed them equally into silicon muffin cups and froze them. They are now stored in a freezer bad ready to use.

When I’m feeling like a smoothie I take 1 frozen cup, add some almond milk and steel cut oats (which I also premade for the purpose of using them in smoothies) and blend. I cut my smoothie cup into quarter pieces jut to make it a little easier on my blender and Enjoy!

20121105-110137.jpg. My frozen spinach cups ready to use!!

20121105-110224.jpg My son helped me finish this one off and even wanted more!


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